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Gain Perfect Recall and Massively Reduce Risk

As a public facility, it is important to prioritize the safety and well-being of all guests. Unfortunately, accidents and incidents can happen, and it is crucial to have measures in place to reduce the risk of lawsuits.

The problem today is that every public facility relies on sparse notes taken by staff to document incidents, and by the time there is a lawsuit there is absolutely no recall beyond the notes.

With ALO, public facilities gain prefect recall with very little effort. All communication and rich media is automatically saved along with the Incident record as follows:
* Guest communication is transcribed and saved
* ALO's AI walkie-talkie radio transcribes and saves audio
* Group chat is saved
* Video is recorded and saved along with any audio
* Photos are easily taken with the mobile app and saved along with any documents

Everything above is archived, timestamped and saved. ALO's incident management provides clear evidence of what happened, reducing the potential for false claims, misunderstandings, and training opportunities for staff.

Additionally, ALO supports a place for storing incident notes that further enhance the incident record. These notes might include details of the incident, the actions taken, and any witness statements.

Once you implement ALO, you gain a 360 degree view of each incident, and we call this perfect recall. With ALO, public facilities can massively reduce the risk of lawsuits and protect the safety and wellbeing of all guests.