Talk to customers in 99 languages and dispatch requests automatically via our walkie talkie.
Delight customers. Grow revenue. Improve productivity.
ALO replaces radios, customer SMS and self service chatbot, dispatch and task management, and team collaboration tools.

Team collaboration featuring push to talk, group chat, and live video powered by AI.

Everyone in the channel hears audio and can see audio transcriptions instantly as it's spoken. Text messages are spoken with a synthetic voice immediately after they are sent.

ALO's interchangeable push-to-talk audio, text messaging, and video chat boosts productivity by unifying and journaling all communication.

Communicate with customers guests fans patrons students partners constituents volunteers contractors anyone outside your team in 99 languages.
push to talk audio

Talk to customers using voice and SMS, plus you can embed the ALO chatbot on your website or mobile app.

ALO uses natural language processing for realtime transcription and translation between 99 languages.

Plus the ALO chatbot provides self service in 99 languages too. All you do is enter the content in English and ALO does the rest!

Natural language processing is why ALO is the next generation coordination system for teams with frontline workers.
video Streaming

Dispatch and tasks integrated with the ALO walkie talkie.

Customers can initiate requests that flow straight through to staff fulfilling the requests and create, dispatch, and track tasks in one place.

Tasks are dispatched to your team using audio and text messaging.

embed in your product

Developer SDK to embed the ALO Walkie Talkie with ease.

Now you can bring AI-enabled push-to-talk, text messaging, and video chat to your app and give users the ability to communicate instantly. The ALO SDK also supports task management, presence management, and our developer-first SDK is designed to get you up and running quickly.

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video Streaming

Integrate context with communication.

ALO's Integrate module connects your databases to communication in ALO using Google Sheets or ALO’s API. This enables communication in context and data lookups with hashtags. Communicating in context transforms team effectiveness and the customer experience.

Increase customer satisfaction and improve team productivity.
ALO is the ideal communication backbone to connect teams, partners, and customers across the world, and the ALO API or SDK can integrate ALO with your other enterprise systems.

ALO runs on iOS and Android, and can be used from internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. To replace legacy walkie-talkie radios, we are partnering with commercial hardware manufacturers.
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