We built the future of realtime coordination.

Our founding team are all repeat entrepreneurs with deep experience in delighting businesses across many industries. Previously Ross and Gene together founded Patron Technology, the leading enterprise system for performing arts and cultural organizations, which was acquired by Providence Equity in 2017. Jeremy co-founded TruSignal, a digital advertising platform, which was acquired by TransUnion in 2019. We came together to revolutionize the way teams with frontline workers improve the customer experience.

We're global and growing

Values we Value

  • Relentless pursuit of customer success
  • Diversity of backgrounds
  • Challenge conventional wisdom
  • Collaborative
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Ross Kudwitt

Head of Product

Jeremy Longinotti

CEO & Head of Sales

Gene Carr

Board Member

We ❤️ Customer Success

Our customers love using ALO and we love helping them delight their customers, boost productivity, and grow revenue.


The one word I would use to describe ALO is transformative. Before ALO we relied on radios and email for fan communication.

Matt Levin

Senior Vice President


The one word I would use to describe ALO is progressive. They are always changing, always getting better, always growing.

Ash Harris

VP of Guest Experiences


One word to describe ALO would be precise. ALO allows us to take different issues and request and very precisely get them done.

jme Thomas

Executive Director

The future of realtime coordination is here.

ALO runs on iOS and Android, and can be used from Internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. To replace legacy walkie-talkie radios, we are partnering with commercial hardware manufacturers.

Delight customers.
Reduce risk.
Boost staff happiness.

Team coordination at hyperspeed.
Turn incidents, requests, and feedback into actions to delight customers and improve safety in realtime.