The best walkie-talkie radio ever created.

Push-to-talk, live video, and group chat in one application on all devices for your team with realtime natural language processing, powered by AI. ALO makes radios and push-to-talk apps obsolete for teams with frontline workers.

  • Group chat is spoken

  • Share everything with everyone

  • Everything spoken is transcribed

  • Video stream anything

  • Crisis communication

Unified Communications

Fully unified communication creates staff focus with push to talk, group chat, live video, photo and document sharing, and direct messaging.

Natural Language Processing

Creates complete communications visibility and history by transcribing audio messages for message history and analytics, and providing language translation for audio and chat.

Works Anywhere

ALO runs everywhere with no distance constraints. Works on cellular, Wi-Fi, and Private LTE/5G networks.

All Communication Powered By AI Natural Language Processing

By speaking text messages and transcribing audio messages, ALO revolutionizes working in noisy, quiet, dark, and bright environments.

Everything spoken is transcribed

Full message history for all push-to-talk audio communication. Say goodbye to ephemerality!

  • Transcription

  • Translation

  • Radio replacement

  • Global

Share everything with everyone

Text messages spoken for users listening to a channel. Group chat includes support for:

  • Rich text

  • Photos

  • File Sharing

  • Emojis & Hashtags

  • Mentions

Video stream anything

Show the current situation live to a colleagues as it's happening or conduct a video call with one or more people.

Organize your communications by team or function

Channels groups the right people together for focused comms. Audio and device alerts for mentions in other channels make it easy to focus on the most important conversations.

Get the right information to all staff immediately

All-staff communication for urgent and informational messages ensures receipt.

  • Audio Alerts

  • Visible Alerts

  • Read Receipts

Straight through communication from customers to staff

Hear every customer’s voice, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spend.

Staff and customer communication in one place

Internal staff communication using push-to-talk, group chat, live video, photos, and files – in shared channels, and customer communications in shared inboxes. Communicate and communicate in one system.

Task execution and dispatch integrated with communciation

ALO is both a communication system and system of work. With ALO's natural language processing, messages can be read or spoken and notifications are delivered using audio and device notifications.

We ❤️ Customer Success

Our customers love using ALO and we love helping them delight their customers, boost productivity, and grow revenue.


The one word I would use to describe ALO is transformative. Before ALO we relied on radios and email for fan communication.

Matt Levin

Senior Vice President


The one word I would use to describe ALO is progressive. They are always changing, always getting better, always growing.

Ash Harris

VP of Guest Experiences


ALO has added value even beyond what I expected. ALO helps us communicate directly with our fans and respond faster.

Andre Seoldo

Assistant Athletic Driector

San Francisco 49ers, Levi's Stadium, Oakland Athletics, Villanova University, University of Cincinnati, Woosox, Worcester Red Sox, Polar Park, OKC Dodgers, University of Rhode Island, Dallas Zoo, San Antonio Zoo

The future of public facility operations is here.

ALO runs on iOS and Android, and can be used from Internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. To replace legacy walkie-talkie radios, we are partnering with commercial hardware manufacturers.

Delight customers.
Reduce risk.
Boost staff productivity.

ALO is a mobile and desktop app for security and guest services providing everything from incident management to body cams and QR/SMS to radios, leading to enhanced guest satisfaction, elevated safety, reduced risk, and better staff engagement - all with lower operating costs.