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Even Uncle Sam is trying to improve the customer experience

This WSJ article titled "White House Presents Plan to Fix Federal Customer Experience" caught our attention.


Article summary:

There is actually someone at OMB responsible for the customer (aka citizen) experience, and they're focused on specific use cases:

  1. approaching retirement
  2. recovering from a disaster
  3. moving from active military duty to civilian life
  4. undergoing birth and early childhood for low-income mothers and children
  5. becoming newly eligible for critical support programs

Our takeaways:

  • Make someone responsible for your customer experience
  • Identify specific use cases to address
  • Take a holistic approach by selecting technology that can deliver value right away and grow with you
  • Start small and make incremental progress

There are many tools out there to help. But, ALO is alone at providing tools for straight through communication from customers to staff. ALO enables your team to hear every customer’s voice, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spend. Here is a good place to start learning about the power of ALO.