Industries where ĀLO thrives

For teams that need instant communication.

Campaigns and advocacy

Task management and location tracking provide realtime execution visibility, and video streaming and photos provide documentation for voter integrity services during election day.


With worker safety and productivity being paramount, having instant multi-modal communication tool is invaluable.

Disaster relief

Communication is vital for NGO's and government agencies to be effective, and ĀLO's realtime audio and text message translation into over 20 languages helps heterogeneous teams hit the ground running.


Location awareness, status reports, and remote assistance help keep field teams operating at maximum efficiency.

Event management

Live events can be noisy, loud, dark and bright and a communication and task management tool is needed to keep the event running safely and on-time.

Field service

Location awareness, status reports, and remote assistance help keep field teams operating at maximum efficiency.

First responders and municipalities

There are no coverage issues or channel limits with ĀLO and urgent messages are broadcasted instantly with read receipts. Plus, location awareness and tasks management transform dispatching and productivity.


Non-HIPPA communications is critical for security and operations, especially across large campuses and multiple locations.

Higher education

ĀLO SOP's and task management provides tight controls over COVID-19 cleaning activities, and task management for contact tracing.


Guest satisfaction improves when your team can communicate in over 90 languages and guest communication is connected directly to task execution.


Communications between the main office and drivers is more efficient when push-to-talk conversations are transcribed in realtime and saved for analysis.


Instant access to support, urgent message broadcasts, SOP's, voice database queries transform the effectiveness of manufacturing teams.

On demand services

Communications between the dispatchers and delivery staff is faster with push-to-talk and more efficient with location awareness and language translation.

Real estate

Managing a team of agents and responding to leads quickly, requires tight team coordination. ĀLO provides the benefits of a CRM, but a tool that agents will actually use. Integration with, Zillow, and others is available via our API.


Walkie talkie radios and text messaging systems are not enough to provide safety and security in today's complex environments. ĀLO provides situational intelligence and the right communication medium for each task, all in one tool.


Airlines, airports, ground transportation and station operations teams can work more effectively when communications are instantaneous and documented so they are not ephemeral, and task management provides tight controls over COVID-19 cleaning activities.

Increase customer satisfaction while lowering your costs.
Use ĀLO as the communication backbone to connect teams and partners across the enterprise, and the API or SDK to get more value from your existing systems and databases.

ĀLO runs on iOS and Android, and can be used from internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. To replace legacy walkie-talkie radios, we are partnering with commercial hardware manufacturers.
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