One app to replace them all

Radios are expensive and have many limitations, and text messaging apps are free and plentiful. But, since your team uses email and voice calling too, team communication is scattered across many tools & devices and you have no analytics.

ĀLO is innovative mobile software that reinvents the walkie-talkie radio using natural language processing. Consolidating all communication on ĀLO reduces cost and improves productivity.

After seeing ĀLO, using a radio will feel like using a fax machine.

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Increase customer satisfaction while lowering your costs.
Use ĀLO as the communication backbone to connect teams and partners across the enterprise, and the API or SDK to get more value from your existing systems and databases.

ĀLO runs on iOS and Android, and can be used from internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. To replace legacy walkie-talkie radios, we are partnering with commercial hardware manufacturers.
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