We Reinvented the Walkie Talkie as a Mobile App with AI to Revolutionize Team Coordination

ALO Gives Leaders Visibility to Monitor Team Activity in Realtime, from Anywhere
Ross Kudwitt

If a Walkie-Talkie, Slack, Asana, and Alexa had a Baby it would be ALO

ALO Helps Ops and Security Teams Transform the Customer Experience

  • Delight customers and reduce cost by helping teams coordinate with ease and speed
  • Improve venue safety and security with instant emergency broadcasting
  • Reduces liability related to incidents with time-stamped journals and rich media

Teams can communicate using text and voice interchangeably, which is ideal for managers to keep their fingers on the pulse of operations and security, and for teams to coordinate in both quiet and noisy environments

Product Features
  • Realtime transcription of audio messages for text messaging users
  • Audio users can listen to text messages posted in channels
  • Integrated task management so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Push to Talk Style audio that works just like radio walkie talkies
  • Intercom Style Communications for production crews and other always-on applications
  • Text Chat that works like familiar group text messaging apps
  • Video streaming for team members to stream realtime video to channels
  • Photo and document sharing
  • Direct Messaging for 1 on 1 chat, audio, and video calls
  • View team locations on a map
  • API for enterprise data lookups and workflows

ALO Runs as an App on iOS and Android, and can be used from Internet Browsers on MacOS and Windows

For a Complete Walkie-Talkie Replacement, ALO can be used with Commercial Grade Mobile Phones like the Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 featuring Push to Talk Headsets, Earpieces, and Carry Cases with 25+ hour Battery Life

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